The website is designed to work properly on Windows and OS X computers.

It is supported by the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (35 and newer)
  • Internet Explorer (10 or newer)
  • Mozilla Firefox (30 or newer) 
  • Apple Safari (5 or newer).

To watch live streams or videos on demand, you need a browser with HLS support (e.g. Safari MacOS, Microsoft Edge) or featuring MediaSource supporting AVC and AAC codecs. All other browsers require Adobe Flash. 

Please send all queries and comments to For more info, go to our Terms of Use.

Yes, you can. We’ve checked and the service works well on all devices featuring iOS (6 or newer) and Android (4.2. or newer) software. The recommended browsers are Mobile Safari IOS 8+ or Chrome IOS 4+ for iOS devices and default browsers or Chrome for Android devices.

As for other devices and SmartTVs, the use of the TWON PLATFORM depends on the make and model.

To adjust volume, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

arrow up: volume up

arrow down: volume down

‘m’ key: mute

You may also use your mouse and the player controls. 

To adjust volume on mobile devices, use the player controls displayed on the screen. Some devices have built-in media controls.

To start or pause a video on your computer, you may use the following keyborad shortcuts:

space bar: start or pause
‘q’ key: start 

You may also use your mouse and the player controls.  

If your are watching on a mobile devise, use the media controls dislayed on the screen. 

To enable full screen mode, please use the key in the top right hand corner of the player. If you are using a desktop computer, you may also use the ‘f’ key. 

You may change the displey resolution using the keys in the bottom right hand corner of the player. The higher the pixel value, the better the resolution and quality. 

To watch the videos in better quality, you need a faster Internet connection. 

The player tries to adjust video quality to the speed of the Internet connection. 

You need Adobe Flash only if you’re watching on a desktop computer that uses an older version of a web browser.

Yes, you may watch all videos and webcasts for free.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. 

Unfortunately, enabling subtitles and switching between languages on mobile devices depends on the player your device uses.